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Our Marketing Degree Programs are all about using words, images, strategies, and insights to create memorable ad campaigns, build strong brands, draw traffic to events, and express yourself.

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Summer Internships Marketing
How to Land a Summer Internship in the Creative Arts

Creative arts internships offer you a valuable opportunity to learn and grow your skills, to build your professional network, and to find a solid professional reference or maybe even a mentor—and finding the right internship can make a big difference in your future.

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mother kissing baby Marketing
The Parent Trap: Marketing To Parents

国产偷拍视频 For TV channels like Sprout and Parents TV, websites like and, and magazines like American Baby and Parents, today’s generation of parents offers a captive audience for marketing. Pushing everything from ergonomic strollers and toys to organic snacks and clothing, parent-focused advertising is big business for established brands and niche industries.

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mother and child Marketing
The Four-Letter Word in Advertising: Fear

The scene begins with a mom at the park with her two kids - a little boy named Kevin and a baby in a stroller. The mother turns her head a few seconds to tend to the baby, then turns back to find Kevin has disappeared.Panicked, the woman shouts "Kevin" as she starts searching for her young son. She grabs her bag, empties its contents and picks up a child locator device that ultimately guides her to Kevin. The boy is walking happily down a field with a red balloon in hand.This scene - which at first has the makings of a horror film - comes from a television commercial for batteries. The ad dramatically shows how a potentially awful situation can be avoided with the help of a child locator device and the batteries that make it work.

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