Are Car Parts Stores Essential?

Are auto part stores essential?

Auto repair and maintenance facilities—including auto shops, car dealerships and tire shops—are on the list of essential services.

Even though many auto service facilities remain in operation at this time, they likely have adjusted their days and hours of operation due to smaller staffing..

Is automotive considered essential?

– March 20, 2020 – The Federal government has issued guidance to state and local governments to include the vehicle service and repair industry in the definition of essential services for the purposes of emergency orders that require non-essential businesses to close.

Is AutoZone an essential job?

The step is one of the many AutoZone has taken in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, as part of an effort to protect both customers and employees. Considered an essential business, its stores will stay open as other companies around the country are forced to shut their doors.

Is Auto Repair considered critical infrastructure?

Trump stressing the need to consider auto dealerships essential businesses, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued guidance today that includes automotive repair and maintenance facilities on the list of the nation’s essential critical infrastructure workforce.