How Long Is The FTO Program?

What does FTO mean in law enforcement?

Field Training Officer10.

The Field Training Officer (FTO) is the single most.

critical position within the field training program.

Agencies are devoting considerable time and resources to FTO selection and training..

How many hours is police field training?

840 hoursExcluding field training, the average length of a basic law enforcement training program in a training academy was about 840 hours, or 21 weeks (table 5).

What is the difference between FTO and PTO?

The FTO (Field Training Officer) model has been around since 1970s. It’s focused on helping police academy graduates prepare for single patrol duty. … The PTO model aims to help develop problem-solving skills in a community-based policing environment.

What are the three phases of typical field training?

What are the three phases of field training?…Terms in this set (38)Introductory phase (learns policies and law)Training and evaluation phase (introduced to harder tasks)Final phase (FTO only observes)

What does mean FTO?

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What is the purpose of the FTO program?

The purpose of the Field Training and Evaluation Program is to train new officers so that each is prepared to function as a solo beat officer at the conclusion of their training cycle.