Question: Is Uxbridge A Nice Area?

How far is Uxbridge from London?

16 milesThe distance between London and Uxbridge is 16 miles.

The road distance is 15.5 miles..

Is West Drayton a rough area?

West Drayton is not a rough area.

Is Northwood a nice area?

Northwood has a small but very nice high street (as PP said, Waitrose, Costa and some other small shops). Lots of big houses and a David Lloyd gym. Pinner Village (the area around the station) is also lovely. The high street is longer and busier with a bit more going on.

Is Uxbridge a safe area?

Uxbridge town centre – 1,672 The crime rate in Uxbridge’s town centre is a ridiculous 1,098 crimes per 1,000 residents. That’s because the area has so many people going through who son’t live there, and more than half of all crimes are thefts.

How far is Ruislip from London?

14 milesHow far is it from London to Ruislip Lido? The distance between London and Ruislip Lido is 14 miles. The road distance is 14.4 miles.

Did Uxbridge vote remain?

The constituency voted to leave the European Union in 2016 with an estimated 57.2% of votes, according to a House of Commons Library report. In August 2018, an analysis of YouGov polling by Focaldata suggested support for Remain had risen from 43.6% to 51.4%.

Is West London safe?

Richmond upon Thames in South West London is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and safest areas in London. … With one of the lowest crime rate in London, it’s also one of the best places if you are moving to London with your children.

What is ickenham like to live in?

It’s like living in the countryside The village itself is full of parks, rivers and forests, making Ickenham one of the most popular places to live outside of London. Harefield Place has some of the most spectacular views out across the valley, whilst still being exceptionally close to Ickenham.

Which part of London is Hayes?

London Borough of HillingdonHayes is a town in west London, part of the London Borough of Hillingdon. The town’s population, including its localities Hayes End, Harlington and Yeading, was recorded as 83,564 in the 2011 census. It is situated 13 miles (21 km) west of Charing Cross, or 6.5 miles (10.5 km) east of Slough.

What is Uxbridge famous for?

Today the town serves as a significant retail and commercial centre; it is also considered as a university town as it houses Brunel University London as well as the Uxbridge campus of Buckinghamshire New University. The town is close to the boundary with Buckinghamshire, which is locally the River Colne.

Is Ruislip a nice area?

Ruislip is a good family friendly area, decent amenities, the High Street has what you need and there’s a good supermarket (Waitrose), we are registered with an excellent medical centre, good transport connections (tube, bus and Chiltern rail), lots of open spaces (woods, Lido, park, playing fields).

Is Ruislip a town?

Ruislip is a town centered on an old village in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Located approximately 14 miles from London, Ruislip is comprised of six different areas which include Ruislip town, North Ruislip, South Ruislip, West Ruislip, Ruislip Manor and Ruislip Gardens.

Is Hayes London safe?

Crime in Hayes is below the London average with five crimes reported per 1,000 residents. The top reported crimes are violence, residential burglary and vandalism.

Is Hillingdon a safe place to live?

This puts Hillingdon below the average across the whole of London, in which there are 101 crimes per 1,000 people. … Violence against the person was the most commonly reported crime in Hillingdon with 7,318 cases in 2019, with theft second highest at 5,621 incidents.

Which zone is Uxbridge?

The station is the terminus of the Uxbridge branches of both the Metropolitan line and the Piccadilly line. The next station towards London is Hillingdon. The station is 15.5 miles (25 km) west of Charing Cross and is in Travelcard Zone 6.