Question: What Is CAM Function?

What are the three types of CAM?

Types of Cam:Disk or Plate cam.Cylindrical cam.Translating cam.Wedge cam.Spiral cam.Heart-shaped cam..

What is a cam simple machine?

A cam is a shaped frame turning about an axis, like a rotating wheel. Did you know? … The profile of a cam allows it to control the timing and degree of movement of a follower. A cam can also be regarded as a continuous, variable inclined plane.

What is CAM and its application?

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is an automation process that directly converts the product drawing or the object into the code design enabling the machine to manufacture the product. … The CAM system is used in various applications like lathes, welding machines and many milling machines.

What is the difference between a cam and a follower?

Cam followers have a built-in shaft with a grooved end that allows you to screw the part directly into a piece of metal or some other surface. Roller followers, also known as track rollers, require an application to have a shaft or other similar mounting part as part of its design.

What is dwell period in Cam?

Rise is the motion of the follower away from the cam center, dwell is the motion during which the follower is at rest; and return is the motion of the follower toward the cam center. There are many follower motions that can be used for the rises and the returns.

What is cam angle?

A Cam Angle Sensor is used to determine each cylinder providing a signal to determine the cylinder. This signal becomes a base signal in an electronic fuel injection system for fuel injection control and ignition timing control. … It converts the flux change to a rectangular pulse signal.

What is a cam profile?

[′kam ‚prō‚fīl] (design engineering) The shape of the contoured cam surface by means of which motion is communicated to the follower. Also known as pitch line.

What cam means?

Common Area Maintenance chargesCommon Area Maintenance charges, or CAM for short, are one of the net charges billed to tenants in a commercial triple net (NNN) lease, and are paid by tenants to the landlord of a commercial property.

What are the different types of CAM?

What are the different types of CAM?Acupuncture.Ayurveda.Homeopathy.Naturopathy.Chinese or Oriental medicine.

How is a cam made?

The production phase begins with the print of the camshaft design being plugged into a proprietary program that machines out the tool paths needed to create the camshaft core. Camshafts are initially carved from a steel bar into an oversized, rough shape that are later ground and polished.

What is the function of cam and follower?

A cam and follower mechanism is a profiled shape mounted on a shaft that causes a lever or follower to move. Cams are used to convert rotary to linear (reciprocating) motion. As the cam rotates, the follower rises and falls in a process known as reciprocating motion.