Question: Why Did Mrs Pumphrey Say This Is A Triumph Of Surgery?

What is the main theme of the story a triumph of surgery?

The story “A Triumph of Surgery” is about a dog named Tricki.

The theme of the story is about the blind love which we possess for the one whom we love the most.


Pumphrey had no idea that her blind and extreme love for her dog Tricki took him to trouble..

What made Dr Herriot feel that his days at the surgery during Tricki’s treatment were days of deep content?

Answer: Dr Herriot was shocked at Tricki’s appearance because he had become hugely fat. His eyes looked bloodshot and rheumy and his tongue lolled from his jaws. … Dr Herriot suggested Mrs Pumphrey to cutdown on the sweet things given to Tricki.

What was the best according to the vet?

Answer. Explanation: The best according to vet is to take him to the hospital.

Can you justify the title this is a triumph of surgery?

The title of the story “The Triumph of Surgery” is appropriate because the dog was cured without the dose of medicines. … Looking the dog after fortnight Mrs Pumphrey was very happy and after knowing that Mr Herriot did it all without any medicinal treatment, she named it as a “Triumph Of Surgery”.

What is the meaning of a triumph of surgery?

Answer: a triumph means a great victory or achievement. Explanation: so triumph of surgery means a victory in the surgery.

Why Mrs Pumphrey was sad?

Mrs pumphrey suffer in the absence of Tricki because she used to love tricki alot because of her love ,she overfeed tricki and made him fat and tricki had to go hospital for fews days and this absence of tricki made mrs pumphrey suffer .

How did the other dogs at Mr Herriot’s surgery react upon seeing Tricki?

At the Surgery, the household dogs surged around Dr Herriot, and Tricki looked silently at them lying motionless on the carpet. For two days, Dr Herriot kept an eye on Tricki and gave him no food but plenty of water. Next day, the doctor was pleased to see Tricki jostling his way to his food bowl.

Why is it called a triumph of surgery?

The treatment that was offered to Tricki is called the ‘triumph of surgery’ because it revived Tricki and brought him back to life. When he was bought into the surgery, he was weak and unable to move. However, with a strict diet and exercise with the other dogs, Tricki regained his old self and became healthy and fit.

How did Mr Herriot prove himself a good veterinary surgeon?

Dr Herriot was a competent veterinary doctor. He understood Tricki’s real problem In order to help Tricki, he cut down on Trick’s food and made him exercise. For the first three days, he did not give him food but only water. He did not give any medicinal treatment but made him play all day with the dogs.

What did Mrs Pumphrey bring at first?

Mrs Pumphrey gave her malt, cod-liver oil and bowl of Horlicks. Still, Tricki had no energy. The doctor advised her to cut down on sweet things. … The doctor gave Tricki nothing to eat for the first two days except water.

How does he treat the dog a triumph of surgery?

How does he treat the dog? The doctor gave Tricki no food, but plenty of water for two days. Slowly, the dog started showing interest in his surroundings and began mixing with the other dogs at the surgery. On the third day, the doctor saw Tricki licking the empty supper bowls of the other dogs.

Why did Tricki’s condition worsen with each passing day?

Tricki was become too much fat because of so much care and eating. … He has became so fat that he couldn’t even go for a walk all time he was on his rug and panting. One day the Vet. Doctor, James Herriot came to examine the dog and he found that he should be given proper exercise.

Did Tricki go under surgery?

He didn’t did his surgery but treated him in a very nicely way. Yes, It’s a real triumph of Surgery because he wasn’t taking any exercises in home but was eating so much but in the hospital, he was on a strict diet and he became fit. So, it’s a real triumph of Surgery.

Who was tricky?

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Was it really a triumph of surgery?

Mrs Pumphrey thinks that Tricki’s recovery is a triumph of surgery because his illness was very serious. She was of the opinion that there were very few chances of Tricki to improve and he needed immediate medical attention. Thus, his revival without any medicinal treatment was a great achievement, according to her.