Quick Answer: Why Do We Celebrate Chocolate Day?

Who invented chocolate day?

Cadbury began in England by 1868.

And then 25 years later Milton S.

Hershey, purchased chocolate processing equipment at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, he is now one of the biggest and world-known chocolate creators in the world.

He began the company by producing chocolate-coated caramels..

How is Chocolate Day celebrated?

The observance of World Chocolate Day date back to 2009, and some suggest July 7 in particular celebrates the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550. Other chocolate day celebrations exist, such as National Chocolate Day in the United States on 28 October. … In Latvia, World Chocolate day is celebrated on July 11.

Which day is Teddy Day?

February 10On February 10, Teddy Day is celebrated.

Which day is kick Day in 2020?

16 February 20202020 Anti-Valentine Week List, 2020 Slap Day, Kick Day, Breakup Day Date CalendarName of EventDate of EventSlap Day15 February 2020Kick Day16 February 2020Perfume Day17 February 2020Flirting Day18 February 20204 more rows

Which day is Happy Chocolate Day?

July 7Happy World Chocolate Day 2020: World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7 every year to celebrate the introduction of chocolate in our lives and to celebrate the variations the sweet delight of chocolate on this day.

Is it National Chocolate Day today?

National Chocolate Day, on October 28th, recognizes one of the world’s favorite tastes. While many specific chocolate related holidays exist throughout the year, National Chocolate Day celebrates all things chocolate. … (Some sources designate July 7 or December 28 as Chocolate Day or International Chocolate Day.)

Is Tomorrow National Kissing Day?

International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated each year on July 6. The practice originated in the United Kingdom, and was adopted worldwide in the early 2000s. Another date, February 13, has also been identified as the International Kiss Day, falling in the week of Valentine’s Day.

What is today’s holiday called?

Australia Day The national day of Australia is celebrated every Jan 26.

What is the date of Slap Day 2020?

February 15: Slap Day If a person cheats you, slap him/her out of your life on Slap Day. If your partner is cheating on you or does not like to be in a relationship with you then you can kick them out of your life.

Is tomorrow a chocolate day?

Chocolate Day: Sunday, February 9th, 2021.

Which country invented chocolate?

Anthropologists have found evidence that chocolate was produced by pre-Olmec cultures living in present-day Mexico as early as 1900 B.C. The ancient Mesoamericans who first cultivated cacao plants found in the tropical rainforests of Central America fermented, roasted and ground the cacao beans into a paste that they …

Which country in Europe was chocolate introduced first?

SpainWhatever its original date of introduction in Spain, chocolate did not stay there. Spanish friars spread the gospel of Theobroma cacao throughout Europe as they traveled from monastery to monastery.

What is the meaning of Chocolate Day?

Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9 every year. … Chocolate is everyone’s and sweet indulgence can help you in making great memories. So, do not let your Chocolate Day be a waste. Spread sweetness around in the life of your Valentine, friends and family members by sending a bunch of chocolate to all.

Which day is today kiss?

Kiss Day: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 The seventh day of the Valentine week or love week is marked as a Kiss Day!

What do you say on a chocolate day?

Happy chocolate Day! My sweet valentine, you are a chocolate so you are sweetest,you are a star so you are brightest, you are a lovely girl so you are my dearest! Happy Chocolate Day! Anyone Can Catch One’s Eye.. But It Takes A Special Someone, To Capture Your Heart And Soul And For Me That Special Someone Is YOU.