What Surfaces Can You Use Alcohol Ink On?

How do you dilute alcohol ink?

Alcohol inks are, as the name suggests, an alcohol-based, highly pigmented ink that can be diluted with isopropyl alcohol (IPA)..

What is the best brand of alcohol inks?

Our picks below will help you decide which brand is best for your needs.Rupert, Gibbon & Spider Jacquard Color Alcohol Ink. These inks cover all bases. … Ranger Alcohol Ink. Ranger is another artist-favored brand. … T-Rex Alcohol Ink Set. … DecorRom Alcohol Ink Set. … Copic Ink Marker Refills.

Can you use alcohol inks on photo paper?

You can use the BACK side of Glossy Everyday Photo paper for alcohol ink. It does not work on the better quality photo paper or the front side.

Can you use alcohol markers on rocks?

Alcohol inks are permanent, dye-based vibrant pigments that are fast-drying and perfect media for beginners. It’s typically used on non-porous materials such as glass, tile, ceramics’, yupo paper, and metal. … When applying the ink to rocks be sure to work fast, the ink will dry fast because of the alcohol in the ink.

Are alcohol inks permanent?

Alcohol ink is waterproof, adding to its durable properties. These dye-based inks are transparent and extremely vibrant. Because of the transparent properties, you can play around with layering the inks. Once the first layer dries, you can add on additional layers to create depth and overlapping colors.

What can you use instead of Yupo paper?

All you have to do is paint a layer of gel medium on top of regular or watercolor paper. The gel medium, once dried will make the paper water-resistant. To make an alternative to yupo paper, paint a layer of gel medium, using a soft brush so you don’t risk damaging the paper.

Can you use alcohol ink on Bristol paper?

We tested on Yupo Paper, Bristol Board, Cartridge Paper and Mix Media Paper initially. … This means we can come back at a later point and rework the piece just by adding more ink and/or alcohol, because the colours sit on the surface of the paper. You can rework your piece as much as you like until you’re happy.

Can you make alcohol ink with 70 alcohol?

Make your own alcohol inks with a sharpie and some rubbing alcohol (70% alcohol).

Can you paint acrylic over alcohol ink?

While they are not a direct match with alcohol inks in terms of working characteristics, they performed great in varnish testing and are compatible with all acrylic paints, gels, mediums and varnishes. …

Can you paint on glossy photo paper?

COLOR: You can use pretty much any type of ink or paint for this process but I found the more fluid the paint (or ink) the better results. … All of these supplies are really really fluid which means they will slip and slide around on that glossy paper.

Can I use alcohol inks on canvas?

Alcohol inks are best used on non-porous surfaces like glass, plastics, metals, and varnished wood. Porous materials like paper, untreated wood, cardboard, sponges and fabric, should be avoided.

What can I do with alcohol inks?

Here are 25 Ways to Use Alcohol InksCrystal Fiber.Acrylic Gems.Large Pearls (real or fake)Geodes.Marbles.Wood (wood is a porous material, as is fabric, but Alcohol Inks still work on it as you can see. You would want to use it for small projects as it takes more ink.)Sequins.Acrylic or Glass Knobs.More items…•

Will alcohol ink work on plastic?

Luckily, Julie Finn over at Crafting a Green World has come up with a way to repurpose them into alcohol ink, a versatile type of ink that can be used on non-porous materials like plastic, glass, and metal.

What is the difference between alcohol ink and acrylic ink?

The highly pigmented alcohol-based inks can be gradually integrated into the work, in contrast to the acrylic paints that are usually applied at the same time. The alcohol also evaporates much faster, which means that the paints dry within a few minutes. Unlike acrylic paints, however, alcohol inks can be “revived”.